• Candle Decorating Ideas

    Candles can provide romance and mystery to any room in the house. The flickering flames draw the eye while casting constantly changing shadows on the wall. Here are some basic ideas about how to arrange your candles to best effect.

    Varying Heights

    You can add a lot of visual effect by varying the heights of your candles. Get candle holders at low, medium, and higher heights and mix them up to provide a few flames at all levels. Arrange them "randomly" so that the overall effect is just of a lot of candle flames at different levels. Or arrange them in patterns so that the candles rise up to a peak and then go down again. If you have the depth of space, arrange them in columns of three candles each. The back candle, of course, will be on the highest holder, the middle candle on the medium holder, and the front candle on the short holder.

    Varying Colors

    Instead of varying the heights on the candles, vary the candle colors. For a Christmas theme, alternate red and green candles, or silver and gold. For autumn, try a subtler variation of colors with different yellows, golds, and oranges. For a patriotic occasion, break out the red, white, and blue.

    It's often advisable to only vary color or height. To have varying colors with varying heights can look disorganized. But it can also work if you have a definite pattern in mind. The red, white, and blue theme would work well with the columns of high, medium, and short holders, producing a striking effect.

    Scented Candles

    Don't forget that candles can affect other senses besides your eyes. A scented candle can produce an aroma that adds wonderfully to the atmosphere of the home. If you want to go with scented candles, remember that it doesn't always work well to mix and match. Unless the scents are closely related-say, ginger and cinnamon around Christmas-they'll just end up competing with one another.

    Floating Candles

    If you have a pool, large floating candles can provide a fairy world charm to the whole occasion. Floating candles also work well in smaller basins distributed throughout the home. The play of reflected flame and shadow on the water produces a wonderfully magical effect that will please you and your guests. Throw in some rose petals or flower blossoms to float along with them.

    Placement Throughout the Home

    The most common place to put candles is on a table, but your home has other places where candles might be displayed as well. Just remember to take into consideration small children, pets, and even the adults who might accidentally brush against a poorly placed candle. With that in mind, here are a few other places to put candles:

    1. On the Mantel - Candles look lovely above the fireplace.

    2. In the fireplace - You can buy a fireplace candelabrum for this purpose.

    3. On the Piano - The piano's surface will reflect the flames.

    4. On the Wall - Wall-mounted candle holders are beautiful.

    5. In a Window Sill - As long as it's safe, the effect is magic.