• Chandelier Styles

    A chandelier consists of a body, arms, crystals, and candles. These can all be mixed and matched in various ways to produce a chandelier that is unique to your home and provides exactly the look of elegance that you desire.

    Here are some things to consider in a chandelier style.


    The body of the chandelier is the central portion. The arms of the chandelier will stick out from here. The body can be as simple as a polished sphere or as ornate as a two or three-tiered fountain. The body may involve intricate scrollwork or have a simple, smooth surface. Often the body will terminate at its lower end with an ornate knob or spike.


    The arms will determine the radius of the chandelier. They can be made longer and wider to take up more room and to accommodate more candles or more crystals. The simple "u" shape is one style of arm. The arm descends gracefully from the body, curves, and heads back up again to support a candle. Alternatively, the arm can rise up from the body in a gentle swerve. Or the arm can be in an "s" curve, first rising up, then swooping down, and finally rising up again to support the candle. A single chandelier might accommodate more than one style of arm.

    The other things to consider about the arms is how the metal itself looks. You can have simple, smooth metal if you like. Or the arms can have parallel grooves running along their length. The arms can appear to be braided or given a rope pattern as well.


    The metal makes the lamp shine, but the crystals make it shimmer. You can get all sorts of different hanging crystals for your chandelier. Generally these crystals will be cut or molded with facets, but smooth crystals are also available. The facets can be in the shape of diamonds, triangles or other geometric designs.

    The crystals themselves come in many shapes as well. A simple sphere may be the look you're after. A teardrop shape can also look nice. Other crystals may be long and narrow, terminating in a dull or sharp point at the end. They can be shaped to look like swords or spearheads. Many crystals come in two parts. The first part is generally a small ball with a hook that attaches to the chandelier. The real pendant attaches to this small ball and hangs from it. As with arm styles, you can mix and match what sort of crystals you hang from your chandelier. You can alternate balls with teardrops. Or you can have one style on one tier and a different style on the next.


    There isn't much variation in the candles on a chandelier. The main thing to choose is their height. It usually looks best to have the candles rise up to about the center of the chandelier's height.


    Generally, the color will either be gold/brass or silver. You can also get chandeliers with painted metal in various colors, but most often in white. Generally the body and the arms are the same color of metal. The candles can be a different color, again usually white.