• Flowers and Floral Accents

    Flowers are an easy way to make any home more attractive. Depending on the season of the year, you may want to consider decorating your home with a vase or pot of any of the following flowers.


    Amaryllis flowers have beautiful petals that open out to allow you to enjoy the full beauty of the flower. All this surrounds lovely, delicate pistils that stick out from the middle. Many people like to purchase two-colored amaryllis bulbs. An amaryllis with red outline petals and a white center radiating out like a star can be positively stunning. It's possible to grow amaryllis flowers inside, adding to their versatility.


    Daffodils have a delicate, beautiful look with a trumpet-shaped corona surrounded by a ring of petals, like a flower cup in a flower saucer. They come in all sorts of different colors and sizes. You can get large, bold daffodils for a dramatic effect or small, intimate daffodils for a more personal look.


    Hyacinths look like feather dusters made of delicate flowers. In some varieties, the flowers are bell-shaped, adding to the charm. They come in a riot of colors including vivid purple, deep red, and a delicate off white. They look great grouped closely together as a rainbow. Another major attraction is their rich, perfumed smell. Hyacinths will provide a powerfully pleasing aroma for your home.


    When you think of lilies, you think of white flowers. And the broad, delicate petals of the lily do look exceptionally charming in white. The petals look like crinkle crepe paper. But other colors can look gorgeous as well. A lily with mottled pink and white around the rims can be absolutely stunning. Lilies are upright flowers that can be planted easily next to shrubs and bushes. They're easy to grow and maintain. And they send off a lovely, strong perfume. A single lily can provide a pleasant aroma for an entire room.


    Narcissus flowers, sometimes called jonquils, are hardy flowers that grow on sturdy stems. This enables them to stick up beyond the edge of a vase without drooping over too much. Narcissus flowers take their name from the Greek myth of Narcissus who stared at his reflection in the water and fell in love with himself. Narcissus flowers are indeed beautiful and will bring loveliness to any home.


    Roses are a standard and always lovely. Remember that roses come in many colors other than red. A delicate pink, a light orange, or a sunny yellow rose may provide the look you seek. An opened rosebud can be separated from it's stem and floated in a bowl of water for an attractive effect.


    There's something uniquely pleasing about the look of the tulip. The way the delicate yet thick petals rise up to enclose the heart of the tulip gives them an air of secrecy and romance. Tulips come in beautiful, striking colors. Vivid oranges, deep reds, and pure whites are some of the most popular. But if want something more delicate, you can get tulips in various pastel shades as well. For a really unusual effect, you can also get tulips that have black petals! Or for a really bold look, find a hybrid that has really large petals and plant a field of those.