• Lighting Decorating Trends

    Lighting trends come and lighting trends go, but one style never goes out. The polished brass lamp isn't so much a trend as it is a constant in the lighting world. It's a fixture in both senses of the word. That may make the polished brass lamp exactly the right choice for you, or exactly the wrong one. The lamps will never look out of style, but they may not look on the cutting edge of fashion either. On the plus side, years down the road they'll still look good and you'll be able to replace them or add to their number with something similar or identical. On the minus side, a polished brass lamp may not do as much as you like to distinguish you from your neighbors.

    Here are some other trends to look out for.


    When is a fixture not a fixture? When it gets changed every year or three. Change is a big trend these days. Rather than buying heavy, sturdy lamps as fixtures and heirlooms, homeowners are buying lighter lamps that they don't expect to keep around forever. They can create one style this year and change to a wholly different style in the year that follows. In essence, people have begun "accessorizing" with lamps.


    Elegance and refinement have never really gone out of style. So the question becomes, what sort of elegance is in fashion right now? One answer to that question is the Tiffany lamp. These cast metal frames with stained glass shades, often in floral designs may provide just the look you want. For a while they may have seemed old-fashioned and too ornate, fit for stodgier tastes. Now Tiffany lamps seem up-to-the-minute in their elegance, bringing in the refinement of a previous era without making the owner seem behind the times.


    On the other side from the Tiffany style is the rougher hewn simplicity of the Mission and Arts and Crafts styles. Simple, clean lines without a lot of ornamentation can create a pleasing effect. The glass can be mottled and appear to be handmade. In the past this might have made a lamp seem cheap or poorly constructed. Now, most people are more likely to think that this sort of design evokes a rustic beauty and charm.


    More thought is being given these days to how a lamp coordinates with the rest of the decor. This may be something as simple as a squarish lamp being placed next to a square window frame, or an arched lamp next to an arched frame. Homeowners are seeking more color coordination as well. They are sometimes turning away from neutrally colored shades and materials to colors that coordinate with accents in their couches or complement the hue of the carpet or the curtains.


    Buying a lamp as part of a theme is the next step in coordination. There are many themes you can choose from. The trend isn't toward any one theme but toward having a theme. A Chinese theme with pagoda lamps to go with jade dragons and other Chinese paraphernalia may be what you're looking for. Or a classical Roman theme with ivy and acanthus leaves may be more the style that attracts you.