• Plant Stands and Plant Decor

    A plant stand is a great, inexpensive way to spruce up your home. A simple plant stand, perhaps with a cherry finish, can be had for under $30. Even an ornate, wrought iron stand can be had for under $150.

    The basic design of the plant stand is simple. It's a thin column, often composed of three supporting legs, with a small, flat surface at the top. That surface is where you put the plant. Perhaps a simple pot of flowers or a fern will work. Or if you want a more dramatic effect, a plant that will send tendrils cascading down the sides of the plant stand would be exactly what you're looking for.

    There are plenty of different styles to choose from. You can get a black, wrought iron plant stand with a glass surface. Keep the design simple for an Art Deco look or choose something with more ornamentation and complexity if you prefer.

    You can get a beautiful cherry finish plant stand with the wood so glossy that you can see yourself in it. For added ornamentation, the supports can be "twisted" or "braided". The feet can be plain or equally complex as well.

    Or perhaps you don't want a standard three-legged stand at all. You may prefer an actual column of wood or stone to provide the pedestal on which you place your plant. These kinds of stands are also available and can also be simple and plain or ornately decorated.

    The surface on which you place the plant is most often square or round. You can choose one or the other depending on if you want a more angular look or flowing curves.

    You can also incorporate curves in other parts of the plant stand. The legs don't have to just go straight up and down. They can curve gracefully inward as they descend and then flute outward at the base to provide the stability that such a stand needs.

    For a more luxurious effect, you can get a tiered plant stand. This is the same as your basic plant stand, but the surface at the top isn't the only place to put a plant. A two or three-tiered stand, as the name implies, gives you more surfaces to work with. You can put the same kind of plant on each tier to create the effect of a living column. Or you can choose a differently colored plant for the middle tier to give some contrast.

    There are other ways to decorate with plants, of course. Simple metal or clay pots may be all you need if you have a readymade surface to put them on. Or plants hanging in wire baskets from the ceiling or along the wall may be the look you seek. Or you can get a set of wall planters that actually attach to the wall and jut out from it, giving you a bed in which to display your plants.