• Wall Decor - Hanging Tapestries

    Hanging tapestries may sound like the sort of thing one only sees in palaces and luxury homes. They look so expensive and they take up such a great deal of wall space. Well, as far as the expense is concerned, you can get a lovely hanging tapestry for under $100. You can also spend up to $450 or even more if you find something exquisite that you absolutely love.

    As to size, hanging tapestries are large but they don't have to be enormous. Many can be had that are three feet or a little more on a side. That may be the perfect size to fill a bare patch of wall over the fireplace or in the dining room.

    Tapestries can be displayed in different ways. One of the most attractive is to attach drapery hooks and rings and display the tapestry from a decorative curtain rod. This will add to the expense, of course, but a beautifully tooled curtain rod and a freely hanging tapestry can do wonders for the airiness and the elegance of a room.

    Alternatively, you can simply hang the tapestry from a couple of hooks, either concealed or ornate, and let the tapestry speak for itself. You can also mount the tapestry on stretchers and display it that way, with or without a frame.

    If you really don't have the space (or the money), you can get tapestry pillow tops for less than $10 a pair. Display them on pillows that adorn your couch. Or staple them to wooden canvas stretchers and edge them with trim to hang on your wall.

    You might want to get a tapestry that depicts a Medieval Italian palace and garden. Something with a perspective from an ivy and flower covered archway with a garden spread out before it and a palace in the distance might be just the ticket. It will evoke sunny days in Italy when the wine flows freely and the air is just so.

    Perhaps you want to emphasize the wine flowing freely a bit more than that. It's easy to find a tapestry of Medieval French peasants during wine-making season. Get the joy year round of seeing them tread out the grapes and pass them through a wine press while their compatriots dance around or look on with laughter.

    Or perhaps you're trying to decorate your office and need more of a businesslike look. Consider a tapestry with an old-fashioned map of the world in two circles, one next to the other, like the Master Card logo. This tapestry can give the suggestion of adventure and enterprise as you sit at your desk and get down to business.

    Finally, tapestries of floral arrangements are always a sure hit. Consider a tapestry with an arrangement of roses for an old-fashioned romantic feel. Or choose summer flowers like daisies and carnations for a lighter, airier look.

    Whatever theme you choose, it's sure to be enhanced by the rich, soft look and feel of a genuine wool tapestry. This is no merely two-dimensional picture, but a small wallscape bringing life to the room.