• Waterford Crystal

    Waterford crystal isn't just for wine glasses and champagne flutes. Of course, if you want those things, Waterford offers an extensive line of exquisitely cut crystal that's sure to come in a pattern that pleases you. But Waterford offers many other items in crystal as well. Here are some of the other items you can find with that classic Waterford look and quality.

    Crystal Barware

    For starters, try Waterford's crystal barware collection. It doesn't just have to be wine and champagne that you drink from Waterford crystal. You can get the Lismore Roly Poly set of bar glasses for mixed drinks as well. Or try some Waterford martini glasses for the ultimate in elegance and sophistication. Brandy snifters, Old-Fashioned glasses, and Irish Coffee cups are also available in Waterford crystal. And of course you can purchase some exquisite Waterford decanters to pour the drinks from.

    Waterford Bowl

    Or how about a nice crystal Waterford bowl? You can get a beautiful centerpiece bowl from their My Beautiful Ireland collection with 6 arched panels arranged in a circle. You can get the Waterford Boat Bowl, a circular crystal bowl raised up on a crystal stand. Traditional crystal oval bowls are available as well. For added elegance, you can get a crystal bowl complete with crystal lid. Use it to store candy or potpourri.


    Waterford offers a stunning line of candlesticks that can add elegance to any room. From simple, smooth crystal, to ornate cut patterns, you're sure to find something in a style that's right for you. You can even get candlesticks in the shape of swans or seahorses. Or for a really elegant effect, try one of Waterford's crystal candelabra.


    Of course, if you're going for elegance, nothing says elegance quite so well as a chandelier. Waterford has an extensive line of chandeliers to choose from. From a simple, three-arm, 21-inch chandelier to a 55-inch 12-arm version, Waterford offers a whole range of chandeliers that sparkle and bring refinement to any room.

    Crystal Lighting

    Waterford offers other lighting in crystal as well. Accent lamps, hurricanes, wall sconces, table lamps, floor lamps, buffet lamps, and ceiling fixtures are all available with the traditional Waterford quality and style.

    Baby Gift Collection

    Waterford also has a baby gift collection that will bring some elegance into a young child's life and provide an heirloom for later years. You can get a teddy bear with a baby block, a rocking horse, or a baby bootie or baby bottle in crystal. It's the perfect way to offer your love and respect to the newcomer in the family.


    You might also be interested in some Waterford figurines. Consider a crystal eagle, wings spread as though just about to take off or just landing on a crystal rock. For your desk or library, you might like a crystal horse and jockey galloping across a shelf. For a curio cabinet, a crystal butterfly and leaf might attract your attention, or perhaps a crystal bunny with an egg in his paws. If you want an ocean theme, you can get crystal seahorses, crabs, clams, dolphins, and conch shells. Crystal dogs, birds, and other animals are also available.