• Bedroom Decorating

    It's easy to decorate a bedroom if you just approach the project step by step. Here are some possibilities to give your bedroom the makeover it deserves.

    New Coat of Paint

    The single most effective thing you can do to improve the look of a bedroom is to paint it. Even if you just paint it the same color it was before, the fresh, clean look of the walls can make a world of difference. But it's likely you won't want to use the same color. Changing from a light blue to a light yellow, or from white to either one can completely change the look of the room. That's why deciding on the color paint you want is the first step. Everything else in the room will need to coordinate with that. Alternatively, you could choose wallpaper and change the look of the room that way.


    As long as you're painting, you may want to consider new carpet as well. This is the other thing that can really spruce up and completely change the look and feel of a room. Choose from plush, deep carpet or easy to maintain low pile carpet. Or take all the carpet out and replace it with wood flooring.


    Once your color scheme has been established with the paint and the flooring, the next thing to consider is the bedding. Choose a color that coordinates with the color of the walls and floor. If the walls are a light blue, for example, you could choose bedding that is in a deeper shade of blue. The two will complement each other. Pillow shams are a lovely way of adding a decorative touch to the look of your bedding. Put the shams on during the day for show, and take them off at night to sleep. You can purchase or make extra shams and put them around foam pillows for an extra plush look. If you want to go all out, purchase or make a canopy for the bed.


    Curtains that coordinate with the walls, floor, and bed are another way to really draw the room together. If the bed is a solid color, you may want to choose a patterned material for the curtains. If the bed is patterned, a solid color may be better. Different patterns on curtains and bed may be too much for the eye to take in. Or you can dispense with curtains and go with blinds. Blinds come in lots of colors besides white and off-white, so you can be creative here too.


    A new dresser or nightstand can really improve the look of a bedroom as well. Or perhaps you have a good quality dresser made of solid wood that you can paint to coordinate with the walls.


    No one can see how good the room looks if it isn't well lit. Consider where to plays lights to make sure you illuminate all the corners. A ceiling light, perhaps with a fan, always looks attractive. For a table lamp, you may want to consider sewing your own shade covers with material that coordinates with the rest of the look.


    You don't have to spend a lot of money to get good pictures. Shop around at yard sales and flea markets. Be on the lookout for good frames as well. With the right frame, even a simple poster can be brought to life.