• Canopy Bed Types

    A canopy for your bed is an excellent way to add romance, elegance, and luxury to any bedroom. Canopies come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. Among the styles available, you may be able to find one that fits your desires and can be made to work with your present situation.

    Standard Canopy Bed

    A standard canopy bed comes with a canopy bed frame. It has four posters coming up from the corners to support a roof above the bed. The roof can be flat or arched. The roof itself is covered in fabric. The fabric may hang down the sides a short way or all the way down to the bed itself, creating an enclosure. One advantage to the standard is that it can be easily moved from place to place. The canopy is not attached to the walls or to the ceiling but is a part of the bed itself.

    Curtain Rod Canopy

    This is a simple way to turn your ordinary bed into a canopy bed. Run curtain rods on the ceiling above the bed around its perimeter. Hang drapery from those curtains to create an enclosure around the bed. The ceiling itself becomes the canopy of the bed. Since this sort of canopy bed is fully enclosed, you may want to give some thought to lighting. A ceiling lamp in the middle may work well, but it can spoil the illusion that the ceiling is part of the canopy. Wall-mounted lamps above the head of the bed may be a better way to get light inside.

    Ring Canopy

    A ring canopy doesn't enclose or cover the bed but provides the canopy look at the bed's four corners. Suspend a sturdy metal ring above each of the bed's corners. From the ring you can drape down luxurious fabric that rests lightly on the floor or stops just above the floor around the bed. The effect can be of a luxurious four poster bed in which the "posters" are composed of draped fabric.

    Shelf Canopy

    A shelf canopy doesn't cover the entire bed, just the head of it. It's created by hanging a fabric covered shelf high above the bed to create a sort of overhang. Drapery hangs down from the back of the shelf and from the sides to create a semi-enclosure at the head of the bed. If the shelf is deep enough, you can suspend downlights beneath it for reading in bed. Or you can have wall-mounted lamps coming out through the drapery at the back. Either way, remember not to create a fire hazard by having hot bulbs too close to the fabric.

    Crown Canopy

    A crown canopy is similar to a shelf canopy in that it stands over the head of the bed. But a shelf canopy runs the whole width of the bed and the drapery hangs straight down. With a crown canopy, the "crown" is much narrower than the width of the bed and the drapery flairs out from that to attach to the sides of the bed.

    Swagged Canopy

    A swagged canopy goes one step further than the shelf or the crown canopy. A simple rod extends above the center of the head of the bed. Drapery goes over this rod and extends down to two rods perhaps a foot or two above either side of the edge of the bed. This provides an elegant tent-like effect, a graceful triangle above the pillows.