• Kitchen Decorating Ideas

    There are lots of different ways to decorate your kitchen. You'll be able to find the materials you need at Arts and Craft stores, Kitchen stores, flea markets, and garage sales. Here are a few thoughts to get you started and to put some ideas in your head.

    Starting Fresh

    If you're planning an entire kitchen makeover, remove all the old decorations and clean the surfaces they used to cover. Even functional pieces such as a knife block or egg timer should be kept out of sight for a while. If you're going to replace the curtains, take the old ones down! You want to be able to look at an empty, three-dimensional "canvas" with a fresh mind to decide what's going to go there.

    Visualizing and Brainstorming

    The next step is to spend a few days thinking about how those empty spaces might be filled. This is where you start to consider what your overall decorating scheme is going to be. Do you want the space to look like a cozy country kitchen or a state-of-the-art food preparation area? The answer to this question can affect more than decorative items. It can affect whether your displayed utensils have wooden or metal handles and a dozen other details. Draw pictures of your kitchen indicating what sorts of decorations you'd like to go where. While you're doing all this, remember to take measurements of the empty spaces you'll be decorating. You'll need those for the next step.

    Possibilities to Consider

    Here are some basic things to think about as you plan your new kitchen.

    Cups and Saucers

    A simple display of cups and saucers on a shelf can add a lot of warmth and interest to any kitchen. A crafts store will have simple plastic or wooden stands that allow you to display the cup with a saucer or plate behind it acting as a three-dimensional frame.

    Cabinet Doors

    Replacing your cabinet doors can give a whole new look to the place, but that may be outside your budget. Removing the cabinet doors is a bold possibility that might just work for you. If your dishes and other things are displayed neatly, seeing into the cabinets can add a little depth and excitement to the visual scene. If you'd rather everything stayed hidden, you could replace the cabinet doors with curtains that match your decorating scheme.


    Decals, appliques, and painted designs along the borders of the walls can help to add color and visual interest to the kitchen.


    Remember that your counter surfaces are for working on! Don't clutter them up so much that the work becomes a chore. Consider sewing covers for the larger appliances like the blender. That will add visual interest without taking up space.


    This is the step you've been waiting for! But the preparations you've made will make the shopping even more delightful. As you pick up a piece here, a piece there, you'll start to see the overall plan falling into shape. Don't be in a hurry to buy, though. Spend your time at different stores thinking about how the things they offer will fit into the perfect kitchen you've envisioned. Buy the pieces when you're sure they're right. Remember not to go overboard. A cluttered area is not as interesting as a few well-chosen pieces.