• Chocolate Fountains

    A chocolate fountain can provide just the sort of rich, decadent, playful opulence that you want for a wedding, anniversary, or other celebration. A chocolate fountain is just what it sounds like. Imagine a standard three-tiered garden fountain that has water flowing out the top and trickling gently down the sides. Now imagine that this fountain has been miniaturized to the size of a wedding cake so it can sit on a table. Lastly, of course, picture the fountain flowing with rich, brown chocolate instead of water. That's what a chocolate fountain is.

    Chocolate fountains are still relatively rare, so you can have the extra fun of being the first person to include one at your party. The exclamations of surprise and admiration will assure you that you've made a good choice.

    A chocolate fountain is not just a static piece of decoration, like a centerpiece. The chocolate is constantly moving and bubbling, adding to the visual appeal with ever-changing features. Nor is a chocolate fountain a mere decoration to be looked at only. It just would not be fair to your guests to display all that chocolate in front of them and not allow them to partake!

    In a typical chocolate fountain, chocolate is melted at the bottom, drawn up through the center and spill out over the sides. Large chocolate fountains can be set up on a dessert table for guests to dip various foods in and take back to their tables. Some fountains are so large they actually sit on the floor! Going the other direction in size, smaller chocolate fountains are available that sit at the center of a standard 8 or 10 person round table so guests can dip their foods in chocolate and eat them immediately. You can also have more than one fountain up front. Three fountains, one for white chocolate, one for light, and one for dark, can look great and provide a choice of taste.

    All sorts of foods can be dipped into the chocolate that flows out of a chocolate fountain. Any food that would taste good covered in chocolate is a possibility. Here are some suggestions:


    Strawberries are a natural for chocolate dipping. They come with their own little green handle. And the look of the white or brown chocolate, red strawberry, and green top is positively luscious.

    Other Fruits

    Apple and banana slices, sections of mandarin orange, grapes, pitted cherries, and many other fruits also work.

    Cookies and Such

    Shortbread, brownies, and tea cakes always taste great when dipped in chocolate

    The foods can be dipped by hand, with a toothpick, or with a regular or fondue fork.

    You can rent a chocolate fountain from a catering company, or you can purchase one yourself for a couple of hundred dollars. Since these fountains are still a novelty, you might even consider going into business and renting them out yourself!