• Kitchen Pot Racks

    A pot rack for your kitchen is a win-win-win situation. A pot rack gets the pots out of your cupboards so you can use that space for other purposes. That's the first win. It makes your pots more accessible when you need them. Just reach up and grab the one you want. That's the second win. And it makes your kitchen instantly lovelier by displaying the beauty of your stainless steel, copper, and cast iron cookware. That's three wins in all.

    A pot rack is a hanging or wall-mounted device that has lots of hooks allowing you to suspend your pots and pans from it. They're on display, within easy reach, and yet out of the way until it's time to use them.


    Pot racks can be mounted in one of two places. Most hang from your kitchen ceiling. The pots can hang around the perimeter and sometimes even from the center of the rack, maximizing the available area. Other pot racks can be mounted on a wall and have hooks going around the front and sides for hanging the pots and pans.


    The shape of the pot rack depends in part on whether it's ceiling or wall-mounted. A ceiling-mounted pot rack can be various geometric shapes. A simple rectangle is a popular choice. The pots and pans hang from all four sides. But if that seems too blockish, an oval pot rack may be the right choice for you. Or split the difference and get a six-sided pot rack, in essence a rectangle but with triangles off the two narrow sides. This can add a little more room to hang things. Mostly, pot racks don't come in squares or circles since that leaves you with two much wasted space in the middle. A wall-mounted pot rack is generally a semi-circle or semi-oval sticking out from the wall. Some of them can have sharper angles though.


    The best place for a pot rack is hanging over your kitchen island if you have one. There's little danger that you'll bump your head, and the pots and pans are very easy to reach. If you don't have an island, then you can hang or wall-mount a pot rack above the countertop to one side of the sink. If there are cupboards in the way, you may have to find another location. Wherever you put it, you want to be sure that it won't be a bumping hazard for people walking around. The rack should hang over some sort of counter or appliance to prevent this. Otherwise you'll have to hang it too high to be convenient.


    Most pot racks are made out of some sort of metal. A black iron look is popular and probably the most common. Stainless steel can give your kitchen the look of a professional restaurant. Copper or brass can add their own elegant charms. And you can even get a pot rack constructed out of wood for a rustic warmth.


    Most pot racks are rather plainly constructed. They have the perimeter from which the pots hang and usually a grid pattern of wires across the center. This grid pattern provides structural support as well as a convenient place to hang extra hooks. The purpose of the pot rack is to be functional and to display the pots and pans, not to draw attention to itself. However, if there's going to be ornamentation, it'll be around the top where the pots and pans don't hide it. Some pot racks will have scroll work or leaves or other such designs to add visual interest.