• Crafts - Tablecloths

    A tablecloth is a simple, straightforward project that you can make for yourself with simple sewing accessories. You can easily sew a table cloth for a rectangular table with a little effort.

    First, you'll need to take some measurements. You need to know how big the table is and how far you want the tablecloth to drape down the side. For everyday tablecloths, you'll want them to drape to 1 or 2 inches above the seat of the chair. Usually, that means 10 to 12 inches of drape. For formal dining, you might want 16 to 24 inches of drape. For a floor length tablecloth, just measure from the top of the table to the floor. You'll also need to measure the length and width of the table top itself.

    Here's how to put the measurements together:

    1. Double the length of the drape you want and add 4 inches so you can have two 2-inch hems.

    2. Add this number to the length to get the length of the tablecloth.

    3. Add the same number to the width to get the width of the tablecloth.

    Purchase the fabric in the length you have determined. Odds are the width of the tablecloth will be wider than the width of that fabric. So you'll need to purchase enough lengths of fabric to piece together to produce the desired width.

    1. A tablecloth doesn't look right with a single seam running down the center or, worse, off-center. So if you're using two lengths of cloth, don't just piece them together. Use one length of cloth as your centerpiece and cut the other length of cloth so that you can piece it to the center length on either side. Be careful to match up any patterns in the cloth to make the join as seamless looking as possible.

    2. Seam the length pieces together as you've arranged them and trim the outside pieces to create the correct width that you have determined.

    3. Press the seams open or to one side and topstitch them both.

    4. Try the cloth on the table to check it.

    5. Finish each corner with a miter.

    6. Fold a 2-inch hem along all sides and pin it in place. Simply topstitch along the hem to sew it in place.

    A similar technique can be used for a circular tablecloth. The trick there is to get a square of fabric that is as long on each side as the diameter of the circle (including drape and 2-inch hem). Fold the square in half and then find the exact center of the folded side. Pin a piece of cord to that spot and measure it out to the radius (half the diameter) of the circle you want and use some chalk at that point to draw an arc on the cloth as you pivot the cord. You'll get a perfect half circle to cut out and unfold into a full one.