• Making Personal Pillows

    Personal pillows are wonderful to have around. They can sit on the couch or at the head or foot of the bed, adding just the decorative touch that you're looking for. Best of all, they're very easy to sew yourself. You can make as many as you want, with just the fabric you want, with very little expenditure of time and money.

    Here's all you need to make a simple personal pillow:

    • Two 14 1/2 inch squares of fabric
    • 1 3/4 yards of piping
    • A 14 inch square pillow form (the stuffing)

    Putting these together into a pillow is as easy as one two three:

    1) Sew the piping around all four edges of one of the squares of fabric, making sure that the messier looking side will be the one on the inside. If the pillow has a front and a back, you should do this with the back square. If the design has a bottom and a top, begin and end in a bottom corner. Clip the corners as you sew.

    2) Sew the front square onto the back square and piping around three of the four sides, leaving the bottom side open. Remember that the pillow is inside out at this point. If the fabric has a front and a back, make sure the back side is facing out.

    3) Turn the whole thing right side out, insert the pillow form and sew the bottom edge shut with a slipstitch.

    That's all there is to it! With a little practice, you can turn out these simple personal pillows in no time at all.

    As you go along, you can feel free to get fancy in all sorts of ways. Here are some suggestions to get you started.


    The front of the pillow doesn't have to be a single piece of fabric. It can be nine different pieces quilted together. Each piece can be a square of 5 inches on a side and all of them can be sewn together to make the 14 1/2 inch square.


    Sew a doily onto the middle of the pillow's face for a little quick ornamentation. Or take two doilies and wrap one over the top edge, the other over the bottom and sew them on that way.


    A few buttons sewn on the pillow (or in the middle of the doilies) can add a lot of charm. Try a simple diamond shape with each button positioned halfway between one edge and the center of the pillow.


    Sew some lace in parallel lines across the face of the pillow. This is something you'll want to do before you've sewn on the piping.