• Armoire Overview

    An armoire is a tall cabinet enclosed by doors. Usually it has drawers and shelves on the inside and often a hanger bar as wall. In its original use, an armoire functioned as a clothes closet for rooms that did not have a built-in closet. This is still one of the best uses for an armoire. But other uses abound. Here are some suggestions for how you might put an armoire to good use in your home.


    As mentioned, an armoire can function as an extra closet, giving you more space to store your clothing, shoes, bed linens, shoes, etc. Put a couple of hooks in it to hang two bathrobes and store two pairs of slippers on the shelf beneath. Or you could use it as a makeup center, storing makeup in the drawers and installing a large mirror with lights. The armoire can also function as a stylish entertainment center if you like to watch TV in bed but don't like the look of a TV in the room during the daytime. Put the TV in the armoire and it's easy to hide during the day by closing the doors.

    Dining Room

    Another great place for an armoire is your dining room. You can use it as a storage cabinet for all your fine dining items. Put china in several of the drawers and silverware in another. If there's still room, store napkins and tablecloths, candles and candle holders, pitchers and serving dishes.


    Many kitchens are short on cupboard space. An armoire can offer you plenty of extra. Store pots and pans, dishes, and electric appliances you like to use but don't want to have taking up space on the counter. It's easy to install plenty of hooks in the back and from the top of the armoire at exactly the heights you want and hand a pot or pan from each one. The armoire can work as an extra pantry as well, providing plenty of space for storage of boxed, canned, and bottled foodstuffs.


    Bathrooms are often short on closet space as well. If there's room in the bathroom or just out in the hall, an armoire can make up for this lack. You can store towels, wash cloths, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, cleaning materials, etc. You can even put an extra mirror in it and add some lights.

    Family Room

    You can use an armoire as an entertainment center as well. Put a cut-out or two in the back to run the wires for a TV, DVD player, VCR, and whatever other electronic equipment you may have. Of course, as TVs grow larger and larger, this may not be practical! But you can use an armoire as a storage cabinet for the other electronic equipment and for videotapes, DVDs and things of that nature. You could also use it as a storage cabinet for games, scrapbooks, photo albums, and whatever else you like to show visitors to your home.

    Entry Room

    An armoire is a great place to keep shoes and boots, especially if you like to have the family remove their shoes before going into the rest of the house. Put in several hooks for hats, scarves, and umbrellas and you'll have the gear for different weather right where you need it by the door.


    These suggestions are only the beginning. If you have a home office, you could put the fax machine and printer in the armoire and use the drawers for storing paper and toner. In a child's room, you could use an armoire for storing toys. We're sure you can think of lots of ways to use the extra space.