• Furniture For Dining Rooms

    The central piece of furniture for your dining room is the dining room table. In order for the table to fit properly, you need to allow for at least 36 inches of space on all sides of the table. This will allow you and your guests to get into and out of the chairs easily. And you won't feel claustrophobic while sitting around the table. At the table itself, allow at leas 30 inches of space per person sitting at the table. So a table that is 30 inches by 60 inches will allow you to seat 6 guests-two on each long side and one on each end.

    Given those constraint, the shape and size of your dining room will determine the shape and size of the table that you purchase. Most dining rooms are constructed to accommodate a rectangular table, so that is the most common style of dining room table. If you find yourself with a square space, or close to it, you may find yourself looking for a square or a round table. The round table may be the most economical in terms of space. A table with a 56 inch diameter can seat 8 guests. A square table would have to be 60 inches on a side to seat the same number.

    Once you've decided on the size and shape, you can start looking at the design. For a formal look, you can't go wrong with a dark wood such as cherry, perhaps with some scrollwork and ornamentations along the apron (that's the extension that hangs down under the table). For a more modern look, a glass table might be more to your liking. As you look at the table, note where the legs are as well as any other obstructions. If the legs are poorly placed or there are other obstructions, you may not be able to optimize the number of chairs around the table.

    Once you've chosen the table, you can start looking at chairs to go with the table. Dining chairs should have backs that are close to straight. You don't want them to be exactly straight. It's uncomfortable if you can't lean back just a tad. But if they lean back too much, you and your guests may find that you have to lean forward to reach your food. You'll end up making the choice between comfortable back support and eating!

    Depending on the dining room, the table and chairs may be all you can fit. If you can fit more, a china hutch is a wonderful idea. This is a place where you can store and display your china and bring it out for use when serving dinner. The top part of a china hutch is typically a glass-enclosed area where you can put stacks of plates and even display saucers and cups. Make sure you know the measurements of your china when shopping for a hutch. You wouldn't want to buy something that's too small.

    The bottom part of the china hutch usually consists of some drawers and cabinetry. You can store silverware in the drawers and larger serving dishes in the cabinets below.

    A final piece of furniture that you can put in the dining room is the old-fashioned sideboard. These don't get used as much anymore, but they can be quite helpful and attractive. A sideboard is simply a narrow table that stands against a wall. You can use it as a staging area for the next course of a meal. That way the table doesn't have to be loaded up with everything at once, and the rest of the food is still easily and quickly accessible without anyone needing to run back to the kitchen.