• Wine Racks Guide

    Before you drink the wine, you have to store it. And if you're going to store the wine, you might as well do so in an attractive way. A good wine rack can solve your storage problems while adding to the decor of your home.

    Wine racks also allow you to store your bottles properly. They need to be store in a way that keeps the cork wet. Otherwise, the cork will dry out and possibly rot, making it difficult to remove and potentially spoiling the wine within. In these days of synthetic corks, that's not as much of an issue. But a wine rack that stores bottles on their sides, angled slightly down if possible, is still traditional and actually works well for space-saving purposes too.

    Wine racks come in all shapes and sizes and made of all different materials. The first thing to decide is how many bottles of wine you want to store. This will help you narrow down your choices. The smallest wine racks will only store 4 bottles or so. That may be quite enough for you. The largest ones can store 60 or even more. Somewhere in that range there's a wine rack that's the right size for your needs.

    Table Top Racks

    Table top racks tend to be on the smaller side, holding between 4 and 12 bottles of wine. If you have a lot of wine, a table top rack may not be the way to store and display your whole collection. But it will work nicely to bring out the few bottles that you find the most decorative or intend to use the soonest. A simple wire rack can look nice on the table top. Circlets of wire are joined together in a single frame and the bottles are inserted in the circlets. For a more contemporary look you can get a stand that looks like a ribbon of metal constantly folded back on itself with bottles of wine inserted in the folds. A simple stand made of wooden dowels can also look great.

    Hanging Racks

    Hanging racks are great space savers and the larger ones can hold up to 12 bottles of wine. One kind of rack may hang from the ceiling on chains. The wine is stored on the top of the rack in slots and wine glasses are hung by their stems underneath. Other racks can be mounted on the wall. Some of these racks can save space since the wine bottles don't jut out from the wall but are stored parallel to it.

    Floor Standing Racks

    Another basic look for a wine rack is a simple stand that rests on the floor. These are the racks to consider if you have a lot of wine to store, but smaller kinds are also available. The simplest design is little more than a few rows of wooden or metal shelves with indentations to accommodate the individual bottles. Another version might include circles of thin metal that encompass the front and back bottle as it is slid into the slot. The top of the rack may be arched for decorative effect, flat so that objects may be store on top, or open so that the top row of bottles is the top row of the rack.

    Once you've decided on the type, you'll still have an array of materials to choose from. Wine racks come in all sorts of different woods from pine to mahogany. They come in fancy wrought iron or simple polished brass. You can get a hanging wine rack in leather or a tabletop wine rack made of clear acrylic. You can even get a terra cotta wine rack with individual pottery tubes to encase the wine in style.