• Christmas Decorating - Ornaments

    You can plan for your Christmas decorating in style with all sorts of exquisitely crafted ornaments. Choose from among the wide selections offered by these top lines.

    Christopher Radko

    Christopher Radko offers exquisite hand blown glass ornaments. You might enjoy a lovely off-white mitten with a heart design and tassels hanging down. For the table top, a Christmas tree with an embedded snow globe and an elf hard at work inside may be what you're looking for. Or try a picture frame made from two glass candy canes and some toys along the bottom. Put the picture of your favorite Christmas sweetie inside. Other ornament designs include a vintage toy chest, a Holy Cross stocking holder, and a green-hatted snowman wishing you peace.

    German Nutcrackers

    Wonderful carved nutcrackers, smokers, and pyramids are hand-crafted by families in the Erz mountains. The nutcrackers come in all shapes and sizes. Go with a traditional look or one that looks like Santa or English bobbies (policemen) or other designs. The "smokers" are figurines of men with a place to put incense. Traditionally, the figures are those of the beloved little people in village life--the night watchman, the peddler--who are given a moment of leisure to relax and smoke their pipes. The "pyramids" are hand-crafted candle-holders with fans at the top driven by the flames. They typically have several terraces and depict scenes from village life.

    Department 56

    If you love little lighted houses, Department 56 is the place for you. Designs include their original Show Village, Dickens' Village, North Pole, and many other themes. The figurines offered by Department 56 are typically thin and tall, adding to the impression of exquisite, refined delicacy.


    Demdaco offers beautiful angels, charming Willow Tree figures, holiday dishes, and folk art collectibles. Standalone angels are available as well as those framed and put in stands for viewing on the mantle.


    Well known for exquisitely crafted china and glassware, Lenox can serve your Christmas ornament needs as well. On the playful side, you can get a china snowman with a soccer ball body. Have it personalized for the soccer player in your family. Mickey or Minnie Mouse ears, Snoopy and Woodstock, teddy bears, gingerbread men, and even the Grinch wishing you a "Merry Grinchmas" are also available. On the elegant and refined side, consider a gilded snowflake ornament, a small, silver tankard, a holiday violin in china, or a set of exquisite glass eggs in a variety of colors and designs.


    Ireland-based Waterford is known primarily for it's fine quality crystal. But their knowledge in crystal transfers to ornament-making of the finest sort. Waterford's hand blown glass ornaments are sure to be a hit. From a simple ball with elves etched on to a standalone Sugar Plums Topiary, there's something for everyone. Consider a set of three 6-inch angels, delicately crafted and colored in one each of red, green, and gold for a perfect Christmas tree decoration. Santa riding in a balloon, and kissing balls hung from the archway are also popular options.