• Christmas Decorating Guide

    There are so many different ways to decorate your home for the holidays, you may have trouble deciding among all the choices. Or you may not know where to begin. This article will contain suggestions for organizing your ideas and will give you some basic ideas about how to decorate your home.


    One way to organize your Christmas decorating is by color. Have one color scheme for the entire house, or vary the color schemes by room if you prefer. Red and green are traditional Christmas colors. A room decorated entirely or predominantly in these two colors can have a special, warm glow. Red and white can also work, with candy canes and Santas and snowmen. Another approach is silver and gold, perhaps with some copper thrown in for a rich, luxurious look. Glass and crystal can also be a "color" in this context. Deciding on a color scheme can give you the discipline and focus you need when shopping for decorations so you don't just buy everything that looks nice.


    You may also want to decide on a decorating "style." This can be as simple as deciding whether you want the look to be formal or informal. Do you want a relaxed look with jolly Santas and mischievous elves or an elegant, refined look with crystal and candles? You may want to have an informal, but pretty style such as might be seen in a country home. Or you may prefer a formal, but sparse style with a few well-chosen decorations.


    Theme is closely related to style, but it's more specific. Perhaps you want to have a snowman theme, with snowmen of all shapes and sizes. Or you may want to set up a Santa's Workshop in your own living room with elves and Santa himself busily at work producing toys. You might like a nativity theme with angels and shepherds and wise men and stars and Mary and Joseph and the child in a manger. Christmas on the prairie is another possibility, with cloth bows and wooden rocking horses and other simple ornaments. Like choosing style and color, choosing a theme can really focus your attention when shopping for decorations.

    With all that in mind, here are some suggestions for decorations that can work with many different color schemes, styles, and themes.

    Seasonal Greens

    Have a holly jolly Christmas, and don't forget the mistletoe! Sprigs of holly and boughs of pine make a perfect Christmas look for your home. Place them along shelves and mantles. Line the doorway with them. Make them into wreaths and place them on the doors and walls. And don't forget the mistletoe over a convenient archway.


    Christmas lights are for more than just the tree and outside. Run strings of lights up the banister of the stairway. Run them along the mantle and around the door frames. Circle them around any columns you may have in your home.


    Candles give a special light that electrical Christmas lights can't match. They can also give off scents like cranberry, ginger, or eggnog. Set candles throughout the house, but remember not to place them where they can be knocked over. And don't light them and then leave them unattended.