• Christopher Radko Ornaments

    For over 16 years Christopher Radko has been carving out a niche and a name for himself with his unique and lovely Christmas ornaments. Radko offers elegant, delicate glass ornaments, as well as glass garlands and figurines. The designs are bold and whimsical and the colors are rich and bright and full of Christmas cheer. Christopher Radko's Christmas ornaments are widely regarded for their fine quality and craftsmanship. Their lovely designs capture warm memories and timeless events.

    It all began in the early '80s. Christopher Radko was decorating his family's Christmas tree using his collection of over two thousand ornaments. The ornaments were hand-made and glass-blown. They were heirlooms. Their monetary value was great and their sentimental value even greater. To everyone's shock and dismay, the tree fell over. Most of the ornaments were shattered beyond repair.

    Radko's loss has become our gain. He decided that the only way to replace old heirlooms was by finding new ornaments of heirloom quality. He returned to his homeland of Poland to conduct his search. But in all of Poland, Christopher Radko could not find the sort of ornaments he sought. He decided to commission the ornaments he wanted.

    Christopher got together with a glass blower, an experienced craftsman who had spent years honing his skills. He described what he wanted. Together they produced a few dozen ornaments in traditional shapes. As quickly as these were made, Radko's friends had purchased them and his own tree was still left wanting.

    The trend continued. The more ornaments Radko produced, the more people came to snap them up. The ornaments were clearly of a different quality from what was available in the United States at a time. They were the work of a master craftsman following the directions of a heartfelt designer. Christopher Radko did the only thing he could. He went into business as a designer and seller of Christmas ornaments. By the second year, his sales were over $70,000.

    Now, almost 20 years later, the Radko collection includes over a thousand designs and is carried by many of the largest retailers. Enthusiasts collect his work and anxiously await the unveiling of the latest designs. Casual ornament buyers find themselves drawn to his bold designs, vivid colors, and obvious craftsmanship as well.

    To describe the collection exhaustively would be impossible. But here's an example. There's an ornament called the Frosty Warmheart that will fulfill the promise of its name. The frosted white globe is painted with a blue sweater. The hands have red mittens. The eyes are black like coal with smaller lumps of coal forming a smile. And of course Frosty has a tall, black top hat to finish off the piece.

    Not all the pieces are whimsical. At the other end of the spectrum you can get a gorgeous Baroque Angel Pin. The bodice of her dress is a vivid, translucent purple and the skirt is an equally vivid red. Her face and wings are of shining gold and she holds a shining gold chain with a white pendant at the end.

    Whether you are looking for elegant or refined, as long as you are looking for quality craftsmanship, Christopher Radko has an ornament for you.