• Wedding Decorating Styles

    There are as many different ways to decorate a wedding as there are different brides. When you are deciding on your own wedding decoration style, you will of course want to think about the colors you will be using. You'll also want to think about how formal or informal, and how simple or complex you want things to look. The time of year and the location of the wedding may help you think through these issues. Once you've got the basics down, you can add other elements to the theme.

    Color Schemes

    Usually the bride wears white, and that's a good thing. White goes with every other color. But the bride doesn't have to be the only thing in white. Other decorations look great in that color as well. Lacy bows and ribbons, streamers, and other decorations can be in white to go with the white of the bride's dress and broad smile.

    Many brides like to add yellow to the color mix. Yellow has a warm, delicate, sunny feel that reflects the happiness of the occasion being celebrated. On the other hand, blue also looks great and can add a delicacy to the look. If you'd prefer to stand out, try a vivid color like red or purple. Red and white together give the whole area the look of Valentine 's Day, especially if you add in some pink. Purple gives a rich, luxurious look. For a softer, more muted look, try various pastels to reflect the tender sweetness of the occasion.


    The time of year may also help you decide on a color scheme and other decorations. Winter weddings will feature dark, rich colors. Spring weddings will tend toward softer pastels. And Summer weddings can feature very light or very bright colors, perhaps in combination.

    Autumn weddings can look great in browns and oranges and golds. This may work especially well if the wedding is being held outside, with trees in Fall colors in the background. Add in some Autumn wreaths of leaves and acorns, and cornucopias of Autumn fruits also look wonderful.

    A Christmas wedding can look rich and beautiful in reds and greens, with various Christmas ornaments adding to the splendor. A silver and gold or white and gold theme can also reflect the joy of the occasion in a way that brings out the Christmas spirit.


    If the wedding or reception will be held outdoors, think about how to take advantage of that. Streamers and flags that blow in the breeze can add some gentle motion that really makes the scene come alive. If the celebration is indoors, consider what the room looks like. It may have its own decorations that you want to accentuate (or hide!) Consider how to bring out the room's natural features and make them a part of the decor. If the room is quite plain, consider more vivid colors to really spruce it up and make the occasion look as festive as it is.


    You'll want to think about how formal or informal, elegant or relaxed you want the decorations to look. You can go with standard ornate decorations with lots of frills and lace. They can be light and cottony, glossy and satiny, or deep and rich and velvety. You may prefer a more refined, simple style. Perhaps an Art Deco wedding in black and white with simple, clean lines may be to your liking. Or you might want to go more "country" with calico bows and other patterned cloth to give your wedding a rustic simplicity.