• Floral Home Decor

    Using a floral design in home decorating can be the perfect way to add warmth and sunniness to your home. In the middle of winter, you can still have summer flowers along the walls and in the fabric of the furniture.

    Decorating in a floral theme may seem intimidating at first. After all, flowers have so many different colors and accents, it seems as though it might be hard to coordinate the decorations. And it's true that different floral designs often will not go well together. But this just means you need to find the one floral design that's right for you and decide where it goes. Then you can coordinate around it.

    The two best possibilities for your main floral design are the walls and the furniture. Choose a floral designed wallpaper for the walls and you've basically set the tone for the room. Then the rest of the room can pick up on various colors in that floral design. Or you can choose a floral print for the couch and chairs and let the walls and other decorations pick up the tone from the furniture.

    If you're not doing a whole remodel, then you'll want to look for a floral design that already coordinates with elements in your home. If you have blue carpeting, for example, you may want to find a design that has blue accents. This doesn't mean that the design has to have blue as its primary color, front and center. In fact, unless you're going for a whole blue theme, you want to avoid that. But a floral design with a few bluebells in amongst flowers of other colors will fit in perfectly. It will pick up the blue of the carpet while extending the palette of visible colors in the room.

    Once you have the floral design, you'll know what that palette of colors is. Now you just need to figure out how to pick up the colors in that palette and reflect them throughout the room. You'll want to pay attention to the main color in the floral pattern and decide how to spread that color around. If the main color is vivid, you can tone it down a notch in other places. A bright red floral pattern can be picked up by darker red coloring elsewhere.

    In addition to the main color, you want to pay attention to the other colors. These can be picked up as accents throughout the room. If the floral pattern has some peach coloring in the background, you can pick that up with a few peach colored pillows and maybe some peach painting on the trim of the doorways.

    In addition to walls and furniture, you can use rugs to create a floral pattern in a room. In fact, a rug is one way to introduce a secondary floral pattern that coordinates with the primary one on the walls or furniture. You'll have to be careful to coordinate the two patterns. A red floral pattern on the walls and an orange one on the rug won't do. And roses on the rug with daisies on the sofa might look out of place.

    To further the floral theme, you can find floral wreaths and silk bouquets that have the same sorts of flowers and colors as are represented in your main pieces. Framed artwork can accomplish this task as well. You can even find floral themed china that will go with the floral theme elsewhere. Consider a row of flowered teacups and saucers to complete the room.