• Interior Decorator

    There are lots of reasons to hire an interior decorator to help you make your home look perfect. Here are some of the basic considerations.


    You may not have the time to do a good job decorating on your own. Business or family matters might get short shrift if you try to do the project by yourself.


    Even if you could do as good a job (in your opinion) you don't have the experience to do it as quickly or as painlessly. Interior decorators have done it all before and know how to get the job done.


    You may have the ability and the time, but it can still be a hassle to put everything together and make it come out right. If you're the sort that finds home projects more trouble than joy, an interior decorator can take some of the burden off your shoulders.


    You may not have any ideas for how to decorate your home. Your ideas may be so unfocused that you don't know how to realize them. Or your ideas may be so various that you don't know which to choose. Interior decorators can provide you with lots of ideas if you have none. Or they can help you sift through the ideas you do have to arrive at the one you really want.


    You may have your idea already in mind. You've got a general theme you'd like to pursue. But you're not sure what choices are out there to help you get to that theme. Even if you already know of a lot of choices, an interior decorator can put even more before you and can make recommendations about which ones will work best for your overall plan.


    There are always a thousand details to think of when decorating. An interior decorator knows them all and probably has them listed in a convenient place. The interior decorator can tell you about aspects of a project that would never occur to you or can help you remember things you knew but have forgotten.


    An interior decorator can help you remember the big picture. If you're designing several different rooms, you want to make sure those rooms all go together to form a complete and eye-catching whole. The decorator can help you make this happen and to smooth transitions between rooms with different themes.


    Even if you want to do a lot of things yourself, an interior decorator can help you plan for that and get you started so the project is fun rather than anguish.


    Maybe you have one idea and your partner has another. Maybe the kids are old enough to voice opinions as well. If you all agree, great! If not, an interior decorator can negotiate among you and work out a good design compromise that will please everyone.


    There's almost always big stuff that you can't do yourself. Who can do it for you? The interior decorator will have contacts with electricians, plumbers, woodworkers, and all sorts of professionals who can get the job done well.