• Interior Design Tips

    Working with an interior decorator can be a frustrating experience if you're on a budget or if you're not sure what you want. At the same time, you may not want to dispense entirely with the advice and help of a professional. Here are some ways to limit the expense of an interior decorator while still getting help at the crucial moments when you need it.

    Do the Preliminary Work Yourself

    You may not need an interior decorator to get you started. Just sitting in your home, looking around at the walls, you may be able to develop a clear idea of what you're looking for. More likely, you'll need some help, but that help doesn't have to come from a decorator just yet. Develop an idea of what you would like your room or home to look like. If you go to an interior decorator with clear ideas, he or she can take those ideas and help you decide how to bring them to completion.

    There are lots of different sources to help you develop ideas about how to decorate. For starters, the obvious thing to do is check out some home design magazines. Just flipping through the pages and looking at the pictures may be all you need to fill your head with ideas. If not, there are plenty of other options.

    When you visit other people's homes or just see them on television, take note of how those homes are decorated. Think about what you like and don't like about the design. Think about what would or wouldn't fit in with the design scheme that you're developing in your head.

    You can also spend some time at your local home store. Just browsing the aisles can give you plenty of ideas about what you might like to put in your home. Home stores also have trained professionals who can give you advice on these matters. Bring in a picture of the space you're decorating and tell them its dimensions. They'll be happy to make decorating suggestions and show you what they have to offer.

    There are also web sites that can help you with your design needs. Some of them will even have designers who interact with you for free. Give them a picture of the room and its measurements and they can respond with design ideas. They'll do this for free in the hopes that you'll purchase the materials you need from their web site.

    Use a Decorator Just to Get Started

    On the other hand, that preliminary work may be the thing you dread the most. There are so many design possibilities that you just don't know how to narrow the field. Bring in an interior decorator up front to help you think through your options. He or she can examine the space you want to decorate and ask questions about your taste and desires that will help you focus on a design solution.

    Do it Yourself at Any Stage

    Even if you hire a decorator to do all the work, you can still add your own contribution at any point. If you can sew or do minor construction work, there should be plenty of places where you can save a bit of money and add to your own satisfaction and ownership of the process at the same time.