• Closet Organizers

    So you've finally decided you're going to organize your closet. And this time, you want to do it right. You don't want to just shuffle things around and neaten them up in a half-hearted way. This time you want a closet where you can actually find what you're looking for and you know where it goes when it's time to put things away.

    Here are a few basic ideas to get your creative juices flowing as you envision the closet the way you'd like it to be.

    Get Rid of Clutter

    This is rule number one. And you'll probably keep coming back to this rule as well. It's usually not possible to get rid of all the clutter in a single pass. Start by dividing your clothes into piles.

    Pile A - Clothes you wear regularly-at least once a month.

    Pile B - Clothes you wear occasionally. (Fancy clothes and seasonal apparel)

    Pile C - Clothing that needs repair

    Pile D - Clothing you don't wear.

    The first step is to get rid of Pile D. Give it away to charity. If it's a matter of size and you really think you might slim down to that size, box it up and put it in the attic or the garage. For Pile C, give yourself two weeks to repair it or get rid of it.

    Take Stock of What is Left

    You'll design your closet space around the clothes you have left after you've gotten rid of the clutter. Pile B clothes will go in the back since they don't need to be accessible. Pile A clothes will be positioned up front so that you can reach in and grab them. Consider how much space you'll need for full length clothing such as coats and dresses. Wherever you won't need the full length of the closet, you can start thinking about what to install underneath pants, shirts, skirts and whatnot to make the best use of that space.

    Install Extra Hanger Poles

    One thing you can put underneath is an extra hanger pole. Your shirts don't all have to be hanging at eye level. A second pole 3 feet above the floor will give you an extra row of hangers.

    Install Moveable Shelves

    Shelves on shelf clips are an ideal way to get things at exactly the height you need them. You can position the shelves to give you just enough room to store whatever. Shelves close together can be used for storing shoes. Space them farther apart and they can store boots or hats.

    Add Lots of Drawers

    Small drawers, big enough for a pair of shoes, are an ideal way to reduce the clutter and get yourself organized. You can actually have these installed or you can buy modular plastic boxes with drawers that slide in and out to build a set of drawers to exactly the height and width that your closet can accommodate.

    Get Rid of Clutter

    This is the last rule as well. As you're doing all this, look at the things you're storing and ask yourself about each one, "Do I really need this?" and "Do I really need this HERE, taking up closet space?"