• Decorative Shelving

    There are lots of different kinds of decorative shelving that you can put up. It all depends on how much space you have, what you want to display, and what your own personal style is. Here are some descriptions of the kind of shelving that is available.

    Perhaps all you need is simple glass shelving. This can be had fairly inexpensively and can be put up on the wall with shelf clips. The glass provides a slightly reflective surface that can really allow whatever you've placed on the shelving to shine.

    If you want to get more decorative, consider a set of wall-mounted shelves with a white picket fence background. These shelves can give a nice, homey feel to any room and might be especially appropriate for a girl's room.

    With a wall-mounted shelf you can also have some pegs down beneath. Use the pegs to hang decorative hats for a lovely touch.

    Another simple way to have wall-mounted shelving involves two vertical tracks with a series of notches installed in the wall. The notches allow you to position the shelf supports at any height. So you can have a short shelf for figurines and curios and a shelf with more space for plates and similar items. This shelving on its own seems simply functional, but with the right decorations it can look quite elegant.

    A simple, open wall hutch can also be a nice place to show off your collectible plates or figurines. If you want something that gives you a little more space. A glass-enclosed curio cabinet with four or five shelves will allow you to spread out.

    Another great idea is corner shelves. You tend not to use the corners of the walls, so you've got some ready made space there. These shelves can be wall-mounted in the corner giving you just enough room for a couple of small items. Or you can purchase a standalone unit that fits into the corner and gives you four, five, or even six shelves to work with.

    Corner shelves are a great idea for a bathroom as well. Or you can get a simple small shelf that has notches for some toothbrushes, and a place to put a bar of soap and maybe a cup or two. Larger standalone shelves for the bathroom are also available if you want to store towels, toiletries, and other items.

    If you have an area you'd like to divide, a privacy screen can be purchased with shelving. The screen stands up on its own, accordion fashion, and the shelves go into the corners of the folds. This is a great way to make use of space that would otherwise be wasted.

    On the more functional end, you can get box shelving for your garage or office. There are some things you don't want to show off, you just want to store. Wall-mounted box shelves can be a handy place to keep your gardening gloves, drill bits, or whatever else you'd like to have quick access to but want out of the way when not in use.