• Wallpaper Guide

    Preparing to Buy Wallpaper

    Before you go out shopping for wall paper, there are several things you need to make several preparations. These will help you answer basic questions like what sort of wallpaper you're looking for and how much you're going to need.


    First, you need to take the measurements of the room or rooms that you wish to wallpaper. It's not enough to just know the square footage of the walls as a whole. You need a diagram of these walls with measurements of the walls themselves, and where the windows, doors, and other fixtures are. Some web sites have wallpaper estimating tools that will allow you to estimate how many rolls or wallpaper you're going to need.


    Remember that some wallpapers will require more exact matching at the seams than others. A solid color or simple vertical lines will not require matching to make them work. But if the design has a vertical dimension, you may want to match them at the seams more precisely. You might want to add a roll or two to your estimate to prepare for this.


    As you plan for this, you should know that most wallpaper is sold in double rolls and some in triple. The estimations and price are still given per roll though.


    Once you know about how many rolls you need, you'll be better able to budget. You can set yourself an upper limit on how much you want to pay per roll to keep things from getting out of control. It may help in your estimations to assume you'll need two more rolls than you're actually planning for. That will minimize the possibility of cost overruns.


    What kind of wallpaper do you have in mind? There are so many styles to choose from that you may find yourself bewildered if you go shopping without an objective. Are there certain colors that the wallpaper must contain? Are there others that it mustn't? Are you looking for a design such as flowers or leaves? Is there any theme to the room that will help you narrow down your choices? Or do you just want a solid color or a simple geometric pattern? Try to visualize.


    Gather together the materials you'll need to make sure the wallpaper matches the room. Swatches of fabric from the couch, a section of carpet, whatever you have that will allow you to compare colors and textures when you get to the store.

    Selecting the Wallpaper

    Now you're ready to go shopping. Bring your measurements, your swatches, a notepad and some sticky notes.

    The Quick Look

    When you get to the store, they'll give you several books of wallpaper styles. Flip through the books quickly to get an idea of what's there. If the page doesn't have the colors you want, flip on. If something catches your eye, put a sticky note on that page so you can go back and look at it later.

    Narrowing it Down

    Now go back to your bookmarked spots and rate them on a scale of 1 to 10. Start culling out the lower ratings. When you get it down to three or four, inspect those finalists in more detail. Ask to see the rolls and arrange to look at them under different lights if possible.