• Garden Fountains

    A garden fountain is a wonderful addition to your property and can be had in a variety of styles. The running and trickling water adds motion to an otherwise still picture as you look out into the garden.

    To put in your own garden fountain, you'll need the fountain itself, a pump for the water, and a pond for the water to spill into.

    The fountain itself is the thing you'll spend most of your time thinking about and selecting. You can create the fountain from scratch, putting together various decorations and tiers. Or you can purchase a prefabricated shell that has everything you need.

    Tiered garden fountains are an attractive option that definitely give you your money's worth in terms of water movement. The water comes out the top and spills into the first tier. From there it spills into the second, giving you additional movement and sound, and so on down to the bottom tier.

    Fountains with statuary are also a popular option. You can get fountains with little cherubs cheerfully spitting water into the basin. You can get a fountain with mermaids or fish or both. For an Asian look, consider a fountain with a Buddha head or an entire Buddha seated serenely in the middle of the basin.

    You can get a fountain with a Greek or Roman column holding up the basin and leaves and scrollwork all around. You can get one with a stone acorn in the center sending up water.

    Other fountains feature more abstract designs. A simple, short, round basin with scalloped edges and a short spout in the center may be all you really need. A taller fountain shaped like a vase is another good look. Or you can get something with a squarish look, perhaps with four connected, rectangular columns and a spout coming up in the center.

    Whatever fountain you get, you're going to need a pump to move the water. To get the right pump, you need to know how many gallons of water you expect to be pumping per hour. The people at your local garden store can help you decide what pump to purchase. You want the water to come out in a large enough stream that it's noticeable. But you don't want the fountain to turn into a geyser!

    Lastly, you'll want a pond for the fountain to sit in. You can purchase a prefabricated pond with a plastic liner and dig a hole for it to sit in. Or you can create the pond yourself by digging a hole and using waterproof liner to seal it.

    Once all that's done, you'll have a fountain and you can think about how to best display it. Extra statuary around the fountain can set it off nicely. And flowing water takes on a special magic when reflecting light at night, so you'll definitely want to think about how to light the fountain in a way that brings out its romance.